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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Hey guys battlegrounds looks amazing but it would be cool if you guys made at least one map and game mode for the base game (tamriel unlimited) because it would give people more of a reason to buy morrowind and get all the maps and the best gamemode.... deathmatch! I love the game and will continue to try and find people in cyrodiil to destroy but sure would like a small scale scale 'battlegroundesc' gamemode.

Cheers! Steam user: DizzyB95
This is not ESO forum, LOL
i agree
It keeps saying I'm not in the right location, do I need to own any dlcs?
Did you figure out the problem? Currently having the exact same problem
Haha. I was still Grouped up with my friend who was offline. I just left the group and it worked after that.
I think our have to have Morrowind for it to work
This article is outdated, you can no longer que for battlegrounds in a group. Making a team pvp mode solo only is about the stupidest thing any game creator ever did.
Not really. You take 4 really good pvp players with discord vs a group of noobs who are just trying to learn... you get my drift
No group queue for battlegrounds is such a miss/failure. I can understand temporarily disabling it because of issues but 6 months later and no resolution? How many people quit playing or unsubscribed because of this? I would have to think a lot. The product manager responsible should be fired.
You're this upset about no group queue? Thats weak mental.