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Love the perspective map, but how about the Forbidden Woods shortcut to Central Yharnam?
I'm having one issue with papa Guacamole's Arena location. If i'm not wrong now It should ne seen from from the Odeon chapel very sorroundings. The fact is that we mainly see only buildings,that if the map is correct (which is) at least in some points are floating midair, and even maybe invisible from the part offline Central Yharnam. Can anyone confirm? Sorry forum the bad english but i'm Italiano. And please no i'm not pizza pasta lasagne mafia.
Same person: the keyboard is a ***** so It *****ed up some words: off,not offline and for,not forum mainly.
I cant be the only one bothered by the fact that central yharnam inst central at all
You could say that its the center of the towns activities, as its where people live if im not mistaken and its where i presume the shops and the like would be
It's the center of daily life for average townspeople, also for foreigners who visit for treatment.
Will anyone add a map of the DLC?