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Demon prince gets me everytime


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If you want co-op summons, there is a different sub-forum for that. Also, it'll help if you list your platform.

As for strategies, which Demon do you go for first? When you first land the Demon From Below is glowing and fights aggressively, while the Demon in Pain is dim and spits poison. Whichever one you kill last influences the super move of the Demon Prince. You know the Demon Prince is about to do this super move when, while he's prepping to do a big jump, you see some gust effects at the edge of his wings, and the jump itself knocks you off your feet if you don't roll at the right moment.

If the Demon From Below (bright orangey, starts powered up) is killed first, the Demon Prince burns kinda dark reddish and gains Floating Chaos type orbs which spew fireballs. His super move becomes this insanely damaging meteor storm bomb thing that almost crashed my game when I first saw it (in addition to killing me). He takes a long time to charge it up, so you HAVE to stagger him out of it, else it's almost guaranteed death. This can be a bit tricky with the Floating Chaos orbs raining down on you.

If the Demon in Pain (dark reddish, starts powered down) is killed first, the Demon Prince burns bright orange. His super move becomes this very well telegraphed sweeping beam attack. It's very predictable and easy to dodge, although very damaging if you let it hit you. If you can roll through the initial gusty jump that signifies the super move, you can easily get behind the Demon Prince and attack him for like 15 seconds straight. I find this Demon Prince far easier, but it makes the first phase a bit harder, as you try to hunt down the initially passive demon as an aggressive demon swipes at your ankles.


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This one got me numerous times as well. I forget which one it is but try for the demon on the left first.
Once he's down the second one is fairly easy.
The biggest tip I have for the 2nd stage is to not try and punish him. One of two hits the run. Because of this the battle can take a long time so be patient.


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All the demons have a blind spot under their bellies. Rolling into them is an easy way to dodge attacks. You can summon Gael and Lapp near the bonfire before dropping to the boss if you're embered.
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Dorhy's Gnawing also can make this fight super easy, especially if you summon npc bait help.

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Go for Demon in Pain first, then Demon for Below. If you killed the Pain one first, the Demon Prince is much more easier compared to the Below one as the laser attack is easy to dodge by going behind the Prince. The Below one uses huge floating fire orbs and meteor which does a lot of damage and is significantly harder. All the Demons have blind spot behind them and below them, so stay behind them or below them as much as possible. Have patience though, the Demon Prince has a lot of HP and takes much lowered damage.



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i did them solo at sl 59 +8upgrade two handing a bleed infused bandit knife. yes, they bleed! as with all bosses, their attacks have real large frames for quickstep, u cant miss!

ah, i remember i summoned Lapp for this one, so i didnt have 2 demons on my tail first half. just don't summon the other NPC as he dies Always way too fast.
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Thanks everybody, just took down the boss first try today by focusing demon in pain instead of demon from below thanks for all the help!