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By Anonymous
More like shield slam
By Black_Iron_Bob
THIS. I wish Dark Souls 2 had a proper shield bash mechanic like in Dark Souls 3 (when those Cathedral Knights and Lothric Knights wielding greatshields do a shield bash and they basically delete your stamina It's too good). I doubt anyone has efficiently used a shield slam in PVE let alone pvp. I've tried it out and i've hit enemies with my greatshield L2 but they also usually hit me in the middle of doing that shield slam. It makes no sense because the whole point of a shield BASH is to protect you while staggering your enemy.
By Anonymous
My favorite shield.
By Anonymous
Used this shield on about 80% of the game
By Anonymous
Notice that enemy attacks dont bounce off the shield most of the time. Probably since its made of wood.
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Patches cosplay ftw
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No description?
By Anonymous
For what you get, this is THE best shield in the game. High stability, weighs barely nothing compared to other greatshields, dirt cheap and available straight of the bat. And you won't even notice the not 100% damage reduction.

Sadly, it falls very hard from grace in ds3
By Anonymous
Ok for the Looking Glass Knight