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ooga me me caisey neistat
No, Casey, put the rock down
Gavlan boner hard
gavlan feel :(


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Gavlan conceal, Gavlan don't feel.
A silly character, but still memorable for some reason. And I always get a bit fuzzy inside when he gifts me the greataxe, like it was his most treasured possession but he wanted you to have it as thanks for doing business with him and keeping him company.
"He will gift you Gyrm Greataxe after purchasing 15,000 souls worth of goods from him and selecting "Talk" (selling goods works as well)"
-> Selling doesn't work...
Works on the PS4 SotFS version as of 2 hours ago.
Works on XB1 SotFS version too. I've never bought anything from him, only sold.
I killed him by mistake cuz I couldn't realise he wasnt hostile but any way
I went to him again to revive his spirt but I could only buy 20 poisonous arrows not unlimited even after killing door of pharos boss any ideas here plz
He only does unlimited when you complete the "quest line" for him. So for now you're stuck with whatever his spirit has until the new NG
Gavlan imbecile.
**** you man. He's doing his best out here.


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The gulping sound he makes is very unpleasant with headphones on lol. I appreciate this guy but I always have to mute the game when I'm near him.
I love the dude but I always cringe when I’m tryna trade and I just hear *gulp gulp gulp* uncomfortably close to my ears
Gavlan 2020
The Santa Claus of Dark souls universe