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In my fourth campaign, I finally was able to defeat my first Architect on Insanity difficulty. The time to get experience enough was needed, as my reflexes are poor and Run & Gun tactics are helpful, but I cannot use well.

This design is inspired from others, so it is not my own, but this one worked for me.

Playing in NG++ lvls, I chose to use Infiltrator profile, so the occasional sprints would break enemy targeting, and also give a boost to weapons. My chosen Skills were Tech Armor, Incinerate, and Turbocharge. My weapons were all Tier X, and was carrying a Plasma Seeking Piranha shotgun (main), N7 Valkyrie w/ Sticky Grenades, and a N7 Valiant. I used Disruptor ammo generally, with some occasional use of the fire ammo, and Cobra Rounds for the head shots.

It took a few attempts, but I finally succeeded. Pls post your effective builds, hints, tips, and suggestions to help others.

P.S. Forget the critics; tis a fine and enjoyable game.
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Hello there, first time posting.

Yess I just wanted to say I got this game for cheap for PS4 recently and I definitely think it's a classic case where the critics and others perhaps were a bit harsh, the overall game has a ton going for it, I especially like the humor which is ever present in BIoware games plus voice acting and stuff.

I think overall it is a solid experience and well worth playing even in 2017, I don't have a best build yet but perhaps if I get one I will post here with it!