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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

cant believe there are still people commenting at 2017
You should
yo 2018 commenter here
2019 still LIT


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June 2019 and still here :D
because this is dark souls. There are many good games but fewer are cults, legends and you know... Legends Never Dies!
Dark Souls for Life!!!
Hey, I'm still on here and it's 2019.
Souls life coming into 2020!
One day away from 2020


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Another 2020 is here!
2020 ;p
Jan 2021
Mar. 2021!!!
2017 and on...
Jan 19th 2019 checking in!
22 January 2019
May 18 2019
July 12 2019
August 2019, reporting in!
October 26, 2019 i'm here
And November Last month I was playing DS3
24th December merry Christmas everyone;)


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My word, it's been half a year. 23rd of June, 2020.
January 2021. Hope all is well fellow sunlight bros
All is indeed well, fellow sunbro
February 2021, keep up the praising, we can do it!
Still a better love story than Dark Souls II and III and Blooodborne.
That makes absolutely no sense.
Does it makes anything special when shooting "Moonlight Arrows"?…
It does more damage that way.
Darkmoon Upgrade Uses Demon titanite, Not Twinkling titanite.


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Darkmoon Bow*
just about everything here is wrong.
Who wrote this page out? I mean seriously most of this stuff is wrong.


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Page edited, someone fix the titanite icons, I don't know how to insert them in.