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By Anonymous
It has a third attack where it lunges its neck straight out. It is very easy to dodge, but it has much longer range than its spin attack.
By Anonymous
To force their side panels to open use your vertical attacks. For instance, on keyboard and mouse it's Right Mouse Button. To kill the one in Resolve Biolabs (the one standing on acid) get Elite Hazard Legs (https://thesurge.wiki.fextralife.com/El ... d+Leg+Gear) from enemies on the next level, i.e. the UTOPIA Project area where you find Dr. Gene Barett.
By ProjectXa3
You can also just go with a pair of Liquidator boots for the same poisonground safety.
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By lapdragon
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You can farm the whole liquidator set easily in the prior level off of the zombies down in Toxic Waste Disposal, and there's also a pair of Liquidator zombies in the same area immediately before the Biolabs Smelter Bot - just take a left at the bottom of the ramp instead of a right.
By Anonymous
Rush to it, you will be minced by its weapon if you are too far. Just circle it and wait for the side panel to open. Don't stay too near or it will sit on you.( also don't keep attacking carelessly, you will be Flattened) You can easily destroy some back armor to out balance it and force it to use smaller replacement legs. You can damage them and cause them to spark. I don't know if that encourages it to reveal its weakspot. Save stamina, unleash when it's sides open.
By Anonymous
Also, full set liquidator makes you poison gas proof
By Anonymous
A 100% safe method is to just kill everything near the smelter bot, then get just close enough to lock on from a spot that it cant hit you from, then spend the next 15-20 minutes continuously firing the free drone laser shot until its dead.
By Anonymous
Well, yeah, you can do this with any enemy. But at that point you might as well play a different game...
By Anonymous
hahaha hell nah. I suck at this game but i'd rather fight that thing normally than do the equivalent of watching paint dry
By Anonymous
Here’s a sound thing for anyone who’s having trouble keeping track

1 short beep: lunge
1 short 1 long: slam
2 short beeps: Stomp
2 long beeps: Around the world spin. Will kill in one hit if not at full health
By Anonymous
I killed the first one in Abandoned Production after seeing the 2 in the second level to see if I could, and when I went back to the second level there was only 1, and a Shining Coin just chilling on the ground.