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By Anonymous
If you damage its front legs (so they emit static) the machine turns much more sluggishly, making it far easier to circle behind. It often stops what it is doing and repairs its front legs which makes it even easier to hit the rear leg.
By Anonymous
Circle it and stay very close. It's double swing is actually an opening. It won't turn. You can move to its back and combo it. Same for its flame, if you have a quick weapon, you can tag it and jump back. You can also keep smashing its front leg until it tries to repair itself, then tag its back.
By Anonymous
It may be a bug but if you have enough damage output and "break" both of it's front wheel limbs before it does repairs the welding bot will freeze in place without being able to be targeted. It doesn't look like it was destroyed though because it doesn't burn up or give experience. Also tends to crash the game.