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By Adravil
Don't crack your head up with migrating to PWCT by killing 5 Black Phantoms across the 5 worlds, because it might take AGES. Killing all 5 will only push your CT from PW to Neutral or from Neutral to PB: https://www.reddit.com/r/demonssouls/comments/k87bdk/not_able_to_reach_pwct_for_some_reason_how_many/
In other words, migration from PBCT to PWCT requires 10(!) specific Black Phantoms to be killed, while only 5 are spawned during one NG.

So if you (same as me), for example, have killed Ostrava to get the Mausoleum key (or because of other reasons have dropped your CT lower than Neutral), killing 5 Black Phantoms WILL NOT be enough to pull your CT back to PW.

Instead of doing all of this, here is the Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/twinkly/
1. Create a post there, ask for "help with PWCT" and wait for anyone to agree to help.
2. Launch the game but stay for a while to the main menu. At the "Network" settings tab select any server (region) that you think will be least populated. Each server will be marked with the nearest big town name. For example, select the server, which respective town local time is the deep night at the time you are doing this.
3. At the same "Network" tab switch "password" to "ON" and set any easy password ("123edc").
4. Go into the game in online mode.
5. Prepare a few Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
5. Choose any Archstone you think will be least populated (for example, not "any-1"). No matter what -- be prepared to fight unwelcomed guests as soon as you have consumed the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and so regained the human form.
6. Warp to that Archstone.
7. Tell the person who agreed to help you: World-Archstone number, server, and password.
8. When he/she is ready -- consume the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
9. Wait for that person to place the red summoning sign near that Archstone. So soon as you see the red summoning sign in the ground -- summon that person to you, wait for a while, kill when summoned.
10. Repeat step #9 till you see your CT shift to PW (the icon on the left top side, it is being updated after each kill automatically, no need to warp anywhere else). Again, always be ready to fight back another player because they can invade you at any moment. Nothing serious if you die, just time spent for nothing (but if you win -- you get an increase to your CT towards PW).
By Anonymous
souls games are trash fromsoft should have stayed with armored core
By Anonymous
Looks like someone doesn't know what is giting gud
By Anonymous
Which should i play, Demon Souls Remake or....ELDEN RING??
By Anonymous
ps3 demons souls
By Anonymous
Both, don't be retartar
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
all Soulsborne (yes Sekiro and Elden Ring included, I just don't wanna say ElderSekiroSoulsBorne yet) games like the true gamer you are
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By Grim_Reaper
Wait for Elden Ring. Demons Souls is an overprized paint job on an old, clunky game from 2009 which can't offer much today, with Bloodborne and the supreme Dark Souls 3 on the market.
By Anonymous
Cheer up, life is an adventure!
By Anonymous
how you make a backward movement
By Anonymous
I want demon souls but i dont have a ps5
By Anonymous
if you have a pc you can emulate it
By Anonymous
I’m happy for bluepoint becoming a member of PS but damn it they need to be allowed to patch the remake again, still so many little things that can be improved for the long term playability.
By Anonymous
the thing with this remake is....they wont. And I wish people promoting this t**d would speak that out. Get Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3 if you are more into the medieval setting but avoid this dumpsterfire of a game.
By Anonymous
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone enloved in making this site. I am new to this game and the site has been a massive help.
By Anonymous
The vaulting animation is so good in the remake
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