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This remake puts Dark Souls “REMASTERED” to shame. Greedy Namco will never take a team on to remake Dark Souls, ever.
Greedy Sony made Demons Souls Remaster. Amount of changes is insufficient to call it Remake.
Also 70$ or 80 Euro for standard edition or 90$ and 100 Euro for Deluxe.
Greedy Sony not Namco.
Why was the wiki for this game changed to cover the remake only? I'm talking about the pages for weapons, armors, etc. Only showing the icons and images from the remake when the designs are very different from the original. No plans to include original and remake versions of these side by side?



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Having double icons is confusing for the user and adds to the page load time of any page. Since the original game is over ten years old and the console it was made for at the very end of its lifecycle, it makes sense to revamp icons and such to match the new graphics.
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No point. They work the same way like in original. They have different look and animations but hitboxes and all speeds are exactly the same.

If you try to use DSR wiki for original Demons Souls it will work just as good 99% of times.
The wiki is dope keep it up. I come here for all my demons souls needs. Ps what are the scaling multiplayers for weapons


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so what im wondering, is does the sharp secret dagger have more backstab damage or does the fatal secret dagger (with 10 strength 40 dex, both fully maxed out daggers)
if you're looking for overall damage, the sharp dagger has better scaling so that would be the obvious choice; however if you're specifically looking for riposte and backstab damage, the fatal has that juicy 100 crit once fully upgraded, meaning the damage will be even bigger, on paper fatal is the way to go, I'm still trying to find marrowstone chunks to fully upgrade. #parrygod
Hi guys, can anyone confirm if it is possible either through the standard edition or deluxe edition to play the game with the original music?
This game were changed so little that it should be called Demon's Souls Remaster. Not remake.
Also PS5 has no real exclusive yet. Spiderman Miles Morales is 8 hours long and availiable also for PS4.
Demons Souls Remake is so close to PS3 game that its impossible to all it exclusive since uts just UHD version of DeS.

So if you didnt grabbed PS5 and feel butthurt for not having it it shouldnt be big butthurt. Especially that all these 70$/80E* titles (which also have special more expensive versions (+microtransactions which make them even more expensive) will become cheaper as peoples will start to sell them to pawn shops or regular shops will realize that many titles have more copies than consoles availiable.

*(according to Sony Europe is more rich than USA. I guess Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Moldowa, Kosovo, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Belarus, Montenegro and other filthy rich countries should send more humanitary missions to starving children of USA who cant afford 2 meals per day).
The game was remade. It is objectively a remake. You’re thinking of a reimagining which would be a game remade with a new vision. This isn’t always better as for example the 2016 ratchet and clank was a tragedy compared to the 2002 original in every aspect except graphics
And also remasters can be abused as cash grabs from publishers who put minimal effort in and use nostalgia for hype. Dark Souls remastered looks better but leaving most glitches in is sheer laziness and doesn’t deserve the word “master” in it.
Lastly, I’d rather pay more for a genuine effort than a cheaper but lazier release. Regardless of what wasn’t changed they still had to build the entire game from scratch so it’s not a lack of work unlike remasters which can do very little and then be all like “we didn’t change things because we wanted to be faithful “ as a cover up. I really don’t think anyone should be on board with most remasters.
Looking for mule.
Can someone please invade valley of defilement a couple of times low level around 15 or less. Trying for istrarelle and need PWWT. I’m the black dude by the top of the bonfire
I can’t believe they kept that critical mechanic in where the opponent’s HP is drained instantly rather than a portion per hit during the animation like every game that came after. Some of the new ripostes bluepoint designed are really cool and lengthy but they’re spoiled by this and seem pointless to have more than one hit.
"No one wishes to go on"

The literal definition of whoever complains about the remake with their nostalgia googles.
Not really, there’s plenty to praise and criticise. It was their goal to be as faithful as possible but the visuals and music are drastically different even though their as important as the gameplay which wasn’t changed even in places where it should have been. Dumbing it down to nostalgia is the easy way out
of course the visuals are going to be different it's on a more powerful console
Visuals and graphics are different. All of the character redesigns are part of the visual change. This doesn’t have anything to do with the graphical power of the ps5