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The remake better add a damn "repair all" button
I’m not a huge fan of the remake trailer. I’m definitely a nit picker but there’s a lot of small details throwing me off ... the fluted set helm looking more like the DS3 knight helm possibly for mainstream reasons but I’m likely 100% wrong about that, the boss designs which are designed to look more dramatic than unique and the biggest nit pick of them all, the “come at me bro” shoulder back pose the character is pulling in every screenshot even though it was much calmer looking in the original. I just can’t take it seriously because it looks like it’s designed to be more epic and badass which isn’t the point of the original at all but hey this is a complete remake so who says it really has to be? Speaking of the word I will say one thing that I’m happy about no matter what else happens and that’s the fact that the first game in the series is the first to get an official remake! I think it’s well deserved attention.
Lol downvoted by sony fanboys, shocker. We all know bluepoint is going to mess things up, they absolutely destroyed the SotC remake.
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New Weapons, Armor, Items have been confirmed! Check out the Demon's Souls Remake page for details: https://demonssouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Demon's+Souls+Remake
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So many people missed out on playing the original! Demon’s souls is still my favorite souls game. I absolutely love them all but Demon’s has a permanent place at the top my all time list. I bought just the disc, used from a flea market vendor in early 2010 for $20 and still play it. It’s awesome that it’s being remastered and made a release title for the ps5. The game definitely deserves it
Unless they did it as a prank, the newest gameplay trailer is heavily implying that four directional rolling is returning. This is the number one thing they should not be faithful to the original with.