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Oh Umbasa
maiden in black best waifu
boomer game, not like
Love this game
Hey how do I get stone fang tunnel into pure white world tendency to get bone smasher. I played 3xds with this character and still cant get the damn sword. Yes Dragon god is dead. Don't see pure white on top right stone fang(playing the game). I do see pure white on the picture to see your character tendency. My character tendency is pure black. I don't play online for pvp.
If you die in human form then your world tendency will get dark. After you kill a boss i recommend going to the nexus and killing yourself so you dont have to worry about tendency going dark
Non è più possibile. No. Potendo uccidere più boss non hai più la possibilità di tendere al bianco puro
I Hope this game gets remastered/remade
yeah right like that would ever happen.
Wish granted.
Unfortunately Sony/Bluepoint made Remaster of Demons Souls and called it Remake.
Few changes in items + longer executions are not enough new content/change of gameplay to call it Remake.
it's a REMAKE. huuuuuge difference.
Its called Demons Souls Remake but amount of changes classifies it as Remaster.
It's time once again.
You already at june 12? I'm still in 11 wtf.
Lets hope it comes on the PS4 too
I don’t think it will make an appearance on the ps4. It’s probably a ps5 exclusive.



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So hyped about the remake!!! I think it'll be a PS5 launch title, wondering if the graphics are 4k, 60FPS ... hoping so!
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4k with all bells and whistles yes but at 30fps.
You need to use something like performance mode for 60fps.