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Hello, just finished the game and it restarted my world, how can i go back ?
You can’t
Shiiiiiiit i really wanted to go back :/
Always back up your save in future.



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I’d just like to point out that playing the original on the ps3 without servers is really interesting because the loneliness enhances the bleak depressive state of the world. Latria prison with no player messages or spectres roaming around? Now that’s some serious sh*t let’s go.


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Looking for help getting pure white character tendency, i am in ng+ , soul level 125, killed the 5 black phantoms already

Msg me on psn please ANOTHERWHLTEGUY

Thank you
PSN: elDraque__
I still haven’t gotten around to the remake yet, how’s the online activity these days?
Online is doing pretty good right now. I would say it's more lively than Bloodborne, less than DS3
It would have been so much better if they got rid of the sixth archstone from the nexus all together and placed Latria’s one in the top middle. Always feel that bit of sadness when I see the broken archstone knowing we’ll never get to see the content.
I f’ing love this game and I can’t wait to get the remake
Demon's Souls is hardest game in the series. I cant even kill 1st enemy. Because I have no PS5 to play on.
Thank you scalpers.
Thank you Sony for not delaying PS5's release untill you will produce enough of them.
Or you just play the original on ps3 or pc with mods and 120fps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I wish bluepoint had taken the SotC route and left the music mostly untouched or I don’t know remastered it a bit to make it sound smoother to suit the new graphics etc. It’s no longer distinct from the other souls games which I think is a shame regardless of preference. At least it isn’t even close to the pure tragedy that was the ratchet and clank remake. DeS PS5 still acknowledges the existence of the original OST.