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By Anonymous
I love how he explains “like in real life”
By Anonymous
Like in real life we use weapons to defend ourselves and inflict damage upon others
By AshoreNevermore
Whether weapons use Sharp or Hardstone seems to depend on their damage types. Slashing/Piercing use Sharpstone, and Normal/Blunt use Hardstone.
By Anonymous
80 weapons in total.
By Anonymous
for any player who wants to get overpowered early here's a trick let Ostrava die to the hollows he will drop a key the key unlocks a huge twin door protected by a red eyed knight. kill the knight and unlock the door in the room lies demombrandt and a guy wear the best armor in the game. hit him a enough times to Agro him go far enough to the point wear he goes want back to the room. headbutt him off the inside of the tower to get his amour. go back to the room and take demombrandt. this may take several tries keep in mind that if Furniture is in his way he will attack and one shot you so break everything along the path to get to the Tower also keep in mind that demonbrandt scales with the characters tendency (stronger with white) . congratulations you are now overpowered
By Anonymous
honestly just use magic
By Anonymous
Or just play as royalty
By Anonymous
Northern Regalia shreds in NG++. Best weapon imo.
By Anonymous
The Needle of Eternal Agony best weapon. Let's hope Bluepoint doesn't patch such an op weapon.
By Anonymous
thumbs up if your a dragon bone smasher bro
By Anonymous
YO DBS for life