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doo doo
I don't know what happens but now demon's souls let me play online with my account. I bought the game on may 2017. I was farming pure bladestone killing the BP with double katana on 4-2 and then exit and enter the game. on the fourth try the game shows me the licence to play online. Does now demon's servers let new players join online ? This happened on 22/07/2017 on 11:10 am (italy fuse). let me know what you're thinking about that
All players can play online, as long as you have a PSN account and an internet connection.
Magic sword link is broken. Just letting yall know.
Why is scaling/requirement for all weapons Endurance instead of Strength?
probably a mistake that they dont care enought to fix it (no offense wiki)
Some of the best looking weapons in gaming... IN HD
Agree!, Don't forget how amazing the magic is too. My fav are the blueblood sword, the bramd, the moonlight sword all together with the talsman of beasts.
Not wrong man
*cries in new guillotnie axe*
And shield?
This is the weapons page
THERE IS NO PKCS!!!!... 0/10
We found the PKCS child bois
Well there is the kilij the father of the pkcs
What is the best weapon of the Fatal upgrade path?
A lot of people like the mirdan hammer
The estoc
Estoc for sure... It has the Highest Fatal damage output as a Riposting Weapon ( Back-stab & Counter Riposte )... Pretty neat upgrade for the Estoc if your going with Thrusting Weapons... However the Epee Rapier is the nost damaging in Normal+5 damage as Riposte output damage specialy as Magic build
where are the boxing gloves
if ur talking about the hands of god they are near the flame lurker boss fight