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Wow I am very informed by this section and cannot stop feeling like I am informed to the information limit, such informing must be forbidden in this world since it is beyond our human minds to grasp the amount of information that this informative webpage has brought us lowly earth beings
chill out boi, the game aint even out yet
shut the ***** up you autistic kid
Stagger is dex based not str
Stagger is both dex based and str based.
I gave this comment a thumbs up primarily out of spite of the other two chodes that replied to this.
Dude the game wasn't out yet when you posted this and the game has only been out for a day as of now, this mmmkkis a community driven wiki. Contribute or stop whining.
You don't need to be level 30 or an absolver to unlock stagger. Jinn Mesca hangs out around the duo boss fight and beating him there unlocks the door in the coliseum.