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Is duration 60 or 120 sec?
60 at standard req, 90 at 99 faith... as far as my research has found... and NOT worth it really...
play the game again, ******


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Forreal though. I wanted to just perfect the game on the first NG+ cycle. Got both illusory rings, used ascetics where I needed to in order to get all the gear I wanted. But this lil ***** is gonna make me forget all these bonfires and do it all again.



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this *****ing ain't worth being in this damn covenant >:(

If you have any other buffs applied such as resonant flesh, this will cancel them out.
I’m at 52 faith (Soothing Sunlight requirement) and for me this spell has a 180 sec duration; I timed it with a stopwatch. Assuming the wiki is correct and the heal is 7hp/sec this amounts to 1260hp (roughly a cast of great heal) over a three minute window, which applies to all allied phantoms affected. IMO this spell is definitely worth it if you use self-damaging weapons such as the Lost Sinner Sword or Chaos Blade (both of which infuse extremely well btw) since it has the longest duration of all regeneration spells. The only thing (aside from the time it takes to get the spell) that’s difficult to justify is the number of slots it takes. Personally, I alternate between this and Sacred Oath depending on the weapons I use. If you are thinking about going for this spell, do it! It’s great at keeping everyone topped off during coop.
This spell doesn't look too bad, but man... Soothing Sunlight is arguably a better spell for less slots and can be gotten in standard NG without having to do an absurd amount of covenant grinding. By NG+ you can have TWO Soothing Sunlights, and you're still only halfway to getting one Bountiful Sunlight.

Very strange balancing decision imo. I'm glad they didn't do this with Soothing Sunlight, because I actually like to use it, but it would've made a lot more sense to me.
The nice thing about regeneration miracles is that you can cast them right before an encounter so that if you take damage you can heal without stopping and making yourself vulnerable.