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By squeet
I never even knew this weapon existed until someone mentioned how **** it was in a yt video so ig that pretty much sums this weapon up
By Anonymous
Is this supposed to add 400 weight load!? Or is there a gimmick to using this?
By Anonymous
Okay help pls if i use it on my left hand do i parry or hits with left hand only?
By Anonymous
You can parry with it in left hand
By Anonymous
how does this thing have a "S" scaling in str but it only scales 35%?! with 35% shoulda been like a d scaling or maybe even E, just boggles my mind
By Anonymous
I wish these pages had more in the lore section :(
By Anonymous
Does anybody know if I can gift this weapon to a friend when he summons me?
By Anonymous
You can drop anything for a friend except for key items and spells
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Why you should make this weapon in pc?
By Anonymous
if you make it in pc your pc will turn into an iron golem
By Anonymous
for the archivement or being a hipster
By Anonymous
butt weiner
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
So I’ve been going through weapon stats in the game files for something I’m working on and the wiki seems wrong about the STR scaling here. Ingame files list STR scaling for the Dragon Bone Fist at 120% not 35%.

This combined with the x1.2 parameter bonus from upgrading to +5 means the full STR scaling is 144%. This should be around 346 damage at +5 with 99 STR. Anyone can check ingame to confirm this if they’d like.
By Anonymous
Which is still weaker than a base dragon torso fists