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By Anonymous
I like how this works in DS3 more, where if you’re invaded a blue phantom is very likely to be summoned. In DS1 it operates in such a way that any effects are unnoticeable.
By Anonymous
Ever heard of role playing?
By Anonymous
It is just a way of mitigating the pvp aspect of the game.
By Anonymous
Glad to know this now, I had recently gotten DS Remastered and started off as a knight, Way of White seemed interesting due to the numerous mentions of it in DS3, but I enjoy the PVP aspects, and was worried there were just not enough players online. Glad I read up on it here.
By Sonolanders
More like mitigating **** invaders of the game.
By Anonymous
Honestly I'm a bit disappointed that this covenant doesn't even give you any kind of miracle boost. It has no PvE qualities and its pretty sad.
By Anonymous
i like to play under protection of this covenant
By Anonymous
Is there a way to make the 2 bodyguards unhostile if I’ve killed the leader?
By Anonymous
No. It's a permanent sin until NG+
By Anonymous
rip Way of White. It is Way of the Deep now
By Anonymous
Well, not completely. Lloyd's undead hunts are still active in time of DS3. And WotW is (probably) still the dominating religion.
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By Anonymous
If you are WAY OF WHITE. And going to save the clerics. Patches will attack you.
By Anonymous
If you answer "Yes" to Patches' question "Are you a cleric?", he will attack you later and you cannot buy stuff from him
By Anonymous
Is there even any proof this does anything? With or without it, you see summon signs all the same. Speculation is all fine and dandy, but until I see something concrete like something a data miner pulls up I've never believed the extremely vague things this covenant supposedly does.
By Arken
illusary wall dicusses how the changes to network connectivity made the covenant effects obsolete