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By Anonymous
I am thinking that the helm doesn't drop anymore, maybe an update removed it? I have been farming the gold braided warrior for days now, long enough to get 60 items to drop from him. Not one of them was the helm. Assuming each piece had an equal probability with each drop, there is only about a 0.002% chance that I could get 60 items without it. He dropped about 8 of each of the other items (shield, axe, skirt, cape, and cuffs) and 18 of the tronches. The tronches seem to drop twice as frequently as the other pieces. Also worth noting, I joined the covenant of champions after he stopped spawning initially and that killed his drop rate to almost nothing, so I switched to using bonfire ascetics instead and he started dropping items again. I finally gave up (wish I did sooner) but I wanted to warn others who are set on getting this item that it may no longer be in the game (7/14/2017).
By Anonymous
Today just got it from the first kill
By Anonymous
Only the gold one drops helm n an alternative n red cape, that gold one spawns only one per ascetic, like invaders npcs.
By Anonymous
It still drops, just got it today. (without farming, just playing casually on and off since release, SotFS)
By Anonymous
are you sure helm only drops from golden one? i think that maybe wrong.
By Anonymous
Making an enemy that only spawns once and has a low chance at dropping a rare item is pretty stupid.
By Apple_master
I killed 26 times yesterday the hellkite dragon in Aldia to obtain the Monastery scimitar. I don't regret anything.
By Anonymous
Item can still be acquired on 29/8/2019
By Anonymous
For those who doubt about it this item is still in the game, I just got it today at the first try. Using a coin, serpent Ring and that shield you got after defeating the drake in heide. Sotfs version
By Anonymous
When you spend 17 ascetics getting this helm and end up not liking it....
By Anonymous
about 25% as effective as silvercat ring. Equip all item find gear and use coin before killing the gold lion warrior!!! Fashion wise it is very visible if your character happens to have a bright yellow face...
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By EvilUnicornLord
What you can do is use the watchdragon parma, jester hat, and hollow tatters, back up your save, pop a rusted coin and kill the gold boi. If he doesn't drop it, reload your save and try again. Takes a while but fashion souls is always worth it.
By Anonymous
What? No gold covetous serpent ring!? Equip that too... Sheesh :-/
By Anonymous
sucks that you cant just wear one of these things heads like vengarls helmet cuz dam that mane looks cool