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By Anonymous
problem cant roll correctly and never done a no hit run
By Anonymous
NEVER EVER level this sh|te!!!
By Anonymous
Finished the game and the dlcs so many times without knowing about this stat lol and ages later some guy on youtube was crying about playing on 3 adaptabliity and I was confused.
By Anonymous
The MAIN problem with ADP is that the animation for rolling doesn't actually change when you increase ADP, so if your character actually LOOKED like he was rolling like a * with low ADP, then nobody would have a problem with ADP. The way it appears to work is that... your rolls simply don't work with low ADP, and that's why everybody hates it, and why everybody who hates that it's this way is absolutely justified in hating it for being this way.
By Anonymous
100% true. i played ER, BB, DeS, DS1 before DS2 and noticed this fighting the pursuer in FotFG. Id dodge his attacks in what would normally be perfect "souls" timing and still get knocked back with 75% of my health gone
By Anonymous
Absolutely, the game feels great with high ADP, much more like the other games...but the game simple doesn't work correctly with low ADP and then high appears to the player that it still doesn't work correctly due to no animation change. It took me literally like four attempted playthroughs to even think to look up ADP and what it does. A merciful, quick patch to remove ADP or make it scale faster perhaps would go a HUGE way to allowing more people to enjoy themselves some DS2 (apart from the DLCs...those will still be trash for the most part...cause snowfield).
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