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By Anonymous
Truly the dark souls of stats
By Anonymous
Uh, something about how I am better than you.
By Anonymous
I have the opposite opinion. Im going to swear at you now ****
By Anonymous
Actually am better at this video game. Bragging about this anonymously isn't pathetic.
By Anonymous
I can't believe after almost 10 years I didn't know you could ****ing raise this stat to dodge better. I always thought this game was just stupid hard to dodge ****
By Anonymous
Not just that, raising this stat makes flasking faster. Sooo many times I died because flasking takes longer than growing grey hair
By Anonymous
The information regarding how much each level of adaptability gives in agility is completely wrong. Adaptability 10-20 doesn't give anywhere near that much.
By Anonymous
Wrong. Easy to test yourself using a soul vessel. From 10 to 20 ADP you get exactly 7 Agility points.
By Anonymous
OP plz nerf
By Anonymous
Unpopular Opinion:
Introduction of a stat to raise i-frames makes perfect sense. You have a choice of different defensive strategies: blocking, parring, dodging, face-tanking and just physically avoid attacks.
Invest in strength/vitality to block. Requires little player skills overall, but better shields come with high stat investments. Very easy to counter PvP, if you manage blocking badly.
Invest a bit in dex for parrying to avoid damage completely (and counter), but not all attacks. Requires high player skills.
Invest in adaptability to dodge and chug estus. Requires player skills according to you stat investment.
Invest in vitality to face tank and trade hits. Very risky and required player skill is very situational.
Invest in git gud to just walk around hitboxes. Very risky and high player skill required.

If you now just get the best i-frames out of the box, you absolutely enforce dodge-meta instead of building your character around different strategies you want to use. The introduction is lackluster, though. Agility should not be raised by ADP exclusively. Great candidates would be dexterity and attunement. It makes perfect sense that spellcasters and assassins rely more on dodging than on shields.
By Anonymous
ATN does increase agility, although that might only be in SOTFS
By Anonymous
And that's why you have 37 dislikes .
By Anonymous
This comment has potential.
By Anonymous
It doesen't make sense, because it's useless, we had that in a much simpler and better way in, well, most every soulsborne games (sekiro and bb don't count because they didnt have a rolling I-frame sistem for different weights), and, don't forget, this isn't just I-frames, it's tems, so no, it's not for a certain playstile, it's for everyone, unless of course you do a no items challange run, which then ok I guess.
By Anonymous
it in fact does not make perfect sense, bc first, you can do that without ADP, reference to demon' souls, dark souls, dark souls 3 and elden ring with armor and such, so, ****ing pointless, second it's not just ab I-frames, its's about using items which EVERY single class uses, unles you a no hit run or challenge run, so it is a crutch skill no matter what class or playstile you have, which is very bad for an rpg.
By Anonymous
You can tell this is a good comment because all of the counter arguments so far suck
By Anonymous
there isn't much to counterargue, the post itself is dogshit. not sure what you mean.
By Anonymous
Reading more than half of the posts here from both sides, does anyone realize that you can criticize aspects of something while still liking it as a whole and being competent in it? Seriously, disagree with each other all you want, but don't turn this into twitter, for the love of ****.
By Anonymous
Yeah never seen Soulsborne players complain about a stat so much. if ADP is considered to be what it is might as well just adapt to it.
By Anonymous
Praise the Sun for all those who picked the Explorer and were worried they were going to regret it
By Anonymous
Bruh. Already over halfway through the game. Guess I know what to level next.
By Anonymous
You can respec
By Anonymous
Either your dodges are frame-perfect ones or you gotta level this up. I strongly recommend to upgrade this whether you like it or not, cuz the game will demolish you otherwise
By Anonymous
I have literally never leveled this and played DS2 over 800 Hours.

Just learn how to avoid attacks
By Anonymous
31 January - liar
By Anonymous
Anon 31 jan - so you played "normally" for 30 hours and the rest got spent in the ancient dragon thanks to not willing to learn.
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