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Keep misreading the name as Gym Warrior.
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For the Gyrm warrior throwing greataxes, it's possible to deflect/parry the projectile.

Pointless, because dodging is probably easier, but looks good.
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Past the first Bonfire in Doors of Pharros, if you're in the Rat covenant, everyone there will be friendly and won't attack you. But before the first bonfire everyone is your enemy, A N D Y O U S H O U L D K I L L T H E M A L L
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Slow and easy to backstab
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Easily backstabbed and generally not a problem, but do be aware that they have pretty absurd tracking on some of their swings, these Mfs have pulled full 180-360 degree spins to hit me when I thought I'd be safe, Not a big deal, but annoying and worth noting.
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Not every enemy in the game drop their weapon, shield, armor plus some stones.
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They have one of the best shields of the game but don't use/defend with it.
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Rock and Stone!
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That's it lads! Rock and Stone!