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Walk towards a wall while kicking a corpse towards it, when the corpse is as clamped as possible between you and the wall do a backflip!

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The iframes thing isn't precise enough, since your frames depend on the equip load you have, being different for 0%-8.3%, 8.3%-16.6%, and 16.6% to 24.9%, each one of these equip loads decreasing the recovery frames by 1, and no, you can't ninjaflip with 25%
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god bless the notes and trivia
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One niche upside to this ring is that it makes your backstep look the same as a backwards roll, allowing you to potentially catch a PvP opponent off guard with a backstep attack.
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This ring goes perfectly with the darkwood in my pants
By PaulQuin
Looks like it has to be below 25% in my case. I'm at 21/84 (25%) and it's not working yet.
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I miss the Ninja Flipping Havel Monsters...