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If you have a greatshield the doesn't block 100% of physical damage then what is the point of it? Aren't greatshields supposed to be used to absorb hits?
There are medium shields that offer 100% phys reduction if that's all you care about. The point of greatshields isn't necessarily damage reduction, but how hard it is to guard break them. They have significantly higher stability, resulting in less stamina lost when blocking. This can be very useful for people that like to poke with spears or lances while their shield is up. However, they are very heavy, and if used with a heavy weapon people without large investments in vit and strength won't be able to use them. A prime example i can give is combining the heide knight greatlance with the twindragon shield. The lance is heavy and requires 20 strength, the twin dragon greatshield is fairly light for a large shield and also requires 20 strength. A build with 20 STR and 40 Faith could be a very effective turtle using a lightning infused heide knight greatlance while not needing to invest heavily in str or vit.
Going for a super tank build, and weight isn't really a problem with dragon rings and lotsa vitality. Should I use Havel's shield or Gyrm?
Go for Havel, its WAY better than Gyrm
you should use both depending on the boss / area considering that grym has much better fire def
Where's the bonewheel shield?
Greatshield attacks instantly destroy wooden chests from some reason. So don't use them to check for mimics.
Why would you check a Chest with a great shield slam anyways?
When blocking most attacks with a shield is more stamina efficient than dodging