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Hi Guys/Girls,

I have been considering starting a youtube channel for quite some time, however have never really looked into the in's and out's. I'll primarily be uploading videos from the "Soulsborne" series but I definitely will be wanting this up and running ahead of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

So, the primary questions I have are:

1) Are capture cards an essential purchase? If so are there any recommendations for capture cards that will work with the PS4 pro, Xbox One (X by that time) and PC.

2) What editing software do people recommend that is relatively easy to use? Is Movie Maker sufficient or is something better required.

I'm not too bothered about uploading 4k content and tbh my PC is too old to run most modern games above 1080/60.

Thanks in advance



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Hey, i do what i call pure ps4 vids, meaning all clips capture by ps4 recording, edited on ps4 and then uploaded. it really depends on what exactly youre trying to do with your videos. Is it more edit intensive, fancy tricks and the likes?
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I'm toying with the idea of uploading play through's on Souls games across all 3 platforms, DS3 invasions and PVP. I'm not really looking to go down the lore avenue as it's a very well covered area. In all honesty the editing should be pretty simple and I think Moviemaker should cover the bigger edit jobs. The more complicated editing may be something I may just play around with whilst trying to learn how to edit, but I'm assuming that with wanting to record footage on different platforms that a capture card is going to become essential?

I'm also considering streaming on Twitch/Mixer but genuinely have done nothing like this befor, so I'm in the place where I don't know ehere to start haha.