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spell sucks
Absolutley useless
Please explain how its useless
Not only useless, but dumb as well.
We don't use that word anon.



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This is a page about Soul Shower, not about yourself.
Can you not?
compared to the ds3 version of this i see this way better ;p
As a sorcerer with a 30 kill streak, this spell is my number 1 opener.

The things is, the extremely low damage is offset by high stun and tracking of the missiles - just a few are usually enough to cause some severe stagger. That stagger is just enough for me to cast a Soul Arrow of most varieties, or even a Soul Spear. Very often the spell also prompts the opponent to try and flee or roll backwards, likewise usually giving me an opening to cast something more offensive their way. Combine this with the massive distraction of Soul Vortex or the surprisingly useful spread of Soul Spear Barrage, and the spell becomes a very strong tool.

As a source of damage, it's negligible - but as a pressure tool it's invaluable.
Finally! Someone gets it!
:l ...
Never underestimate a Sorcerer who knows how to use spells properly.
You're literally the only person in these comments not screeching "useless" or "retsrded" and I greatly applaud you for that. Plus you see the use in all spells rather than pushing some aside!
Spell seems to do a lot more damage if you're higher up that the target. Possibly because they all become headshots and they seem to track better with more hitting. Used against the short dudes in sol while standing on the roof it hits for over 700. Against the unpleasant peasants in brightstone under the rock trap it was smacking them for over 1000 damage a pop when I was helping a friend in ng7.
Surprisingly effective
Yes it’s useful and can be very effective if used properly, but for a boss soul spell? It’s... disappointing. To say the least.