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Like the page says, this is an absolute monster with mundane infusion at around 25-30+ in all stats. Backstabs and criticals are almost always an insta-kill
Doesn't work for me. What else do you use to instakill?
how does the counter strength work, does it multiply? does it add the counter strength the the normal damage?
What I love about this weapon: early weapon, light weight, deadly crits, fast attacks, piercing + slashing damage, good for parrying by itself(with training). The only problems I see are a lack of range, straight up damage, and poise damage, can only get one per playthrough(unless an Explorer or Sorcerer).... then again, what good tools are without flaws?
KHM! KHMHMACE! Something in my throat...
Countered easily enough by RoB, Flynn's Ring and Stone Ring. With all three, you have all the positives you described, crazy damage, and pretty damn good poise damage. Can't do much about the lack of range, though...



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I think Ray Dhimitri on Youtube ranked this as top ten, but unless you go Mundane I am not seeing it.
Who cares about what that dude says?
lol I remember when that loser Ray used to argue ALL DAY with people in the comments on youtube. What a baby
Lol what the heck did Ray in the past for people to hate him so much? They talk sh¡t about him like if he killed a baby or something like that
Literally just did a full run with it and having some hundreds of hours in the game I can safely say far from top 10. But still way better than I was expecting
This and the buckler from the first level, you're pretty much set against any humanoid enemy in the game
Made a new character then chose petrified something as a gift and got old whip should i upgrade dagger or old whip thanks.
The old whip is a really good weapon, although it has very low duribility, I would recamend upgrading both
Whip for bosses, dagger for parrying normal enemies


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Give this the Stone Ring, who needs backstabs? You can just stunlock someone to death. XD