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By Anonymous
Wrong description. The description here is for the dual wielding ironclad
By Anonymous
does he respawning forever?
By Black_Iron_Bob
This is the wrong description/ Wthat the ***** is wrong with your website?
By Anonymous
Employ the winning tactic of "Stunlock with Greatclub 2hR2". (for the character with 50 strength plus Great Magic Weapon spell)
By Anonymous
If you have at least 12 str, get a zweihander and stunlock him with 2h heavy attacks
By Anonymous
Or simply be good at the game
By Anonymous
Winning is being good at the game.
By Anonymous
a chip off my big
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fun to go up against this guy with a heavy strength ultra-greatsword wielding build and play a nice game of "Who can smash the other in the face with their giant-ass weapon harder?" No dodging, No kiting, No Backstabbing or strafing or playing passively, Just two chads bashing the everloving fugg out of one another.
By Anonymous
Can he be backstabbed?
By Anonymous
Nice hammers, but how do you feel about Poison arrows?
By Anonymous
Is he really weak to magic?