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It will also stun red eyed bloatheads and sorcerers. Never tried using it for one till now
I just figured out that if you use it by a pressure plate in sens fortress it will trigger the trap! :D
why does gwyndolin feel triggered by you using it near a presure plate in sen's fortress?
Does it work against player dark spells too?
Damn. Wish I would had known about this before defeating Manus. Those Dark Wave attacks gave me so much trouble. Well, atleast I know about it for next time lol.
Didn't need it for manus, nor sif, just a good combination of +5 black knight sword and havels armor easy as pie
Everyone pretends t be so good at Dark Souls, you'll need all the stuff detailed in the guide to stand a chancr against Manus.
You definitely don't need the pendant. Its possible to survive the attack and its also possible to dodge it if you're standing directly next to manus. I assume all the dislikes are from salty players who died to manus 20 times and then had to go back and find the pendant
Case studies have shown a strong correlation between wearing full Havel's set and being a huge D bag
nobody likes cocky guys but he's not wrong, high poise and a strong weapon beats a lot of bosses in dark souls without problems. shame on miyazaki for allowing a simple combination like this be so strong in pve i guess


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I beat Manus in the fourth attempt, when I didn't try to bring Sif to the fight. Because every time I summoned him, Manus got me from the back.
Then, a bunch of Souls/CS Spears and lots of rolling did the job.
Also, the clothing didn't make difference, as you can imagine from a mage.
The Crest Shield does a pretty good job blocking most of his attacks, though.
I also beat Manus without the pendant simply because I didn't know what it was for and thought it was consumable. It's not that hard, tbh. You just have to dodge/weather some spells and heal or kill him quick.


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I beat manus without the pendant but that doesn't mean he's not hard. I may not have personally struggled, but I did get nearly one shotted by some of the dark
I never even knew it was a consumable honestly. I always just thought it was a key item needed to fight Manus like Artorias Ring for the 4 kings (just a different kind of Abyss). Guess that explains why it takes me either a dozen tries with my builds or 1 try with the 'Full Havel Cheese'.
Some players just try to be cool by going there at level 65 with 1100 hp and feel cheated for not surviving.
I think it’s cool the from software put an easy mode in the game, like full Havel and bkgs. For a fight try quick rolling and a claymore. Gawd that’s hard!!!!
Have fun fat rolling against a dark bead spammer


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Found this by accident because of a head maggot.



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Note to self, look for this. I was doing relatively well against Manus at first, but then he pulled out the closing circle move and wrecked my sorry butt in one move. Man did that catch me off guard.
the time period is longer than a parry maybe at least 2sec as long as the gold dust are floating
The timing window is much longer than a parry. Seems like almost 3 seconds, which is actually pretty long. Can also be spammed to basically make it infinite as far as I can tell. The gold dust doesn't disappear until well after the next use begins. It seems to be safer to use it early rather than trying to time attacks like a parry