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Theres no information on what the goal of the covenant is. How do i rank up?
By offering humanites to the white spider, th amount to rank up first is 10 then 30 to get to rank 2 then 80 to rank 3. Basically if you wana open that door or to rank up,save up your humainites
You may want to re-read the rank/ reward chart again.
You offer her humanity. After 30 you can get a spell and unlock a shortcut. The shortcut is the only way to save Solaire from taking the dark route of his questline.
Is it possible to retain your rank 3 in this covenant even after leaving it?

Since there isn't a cap to making offerings (that isn't ludricous) could one technically pledge 160 humanities, leave the covenant and keep your rank, since your offerings are "only" dropped to 80 - the minimum requirement for rank 3?
I'm under the suspicion that while you can theoretically do this, you wouldn't benefit from it, since your rank only affects your damage output whilst in the respective covenant. (It doesn't help either, that the chaos servants don't seem to offer any stat boosts apparently.)

I just want clarity on this matter before I go and needlessly throw a ridiculous amount of valuable humanity at her for nothing.
Not that covenants reylly matter for pre-NG+ characters... but let's just say I've been grinding rat-humanity to a point, where my savefile displays 160 hours of play - and I haven't even gotten the lordvessel yet. :-P
Anyway, asking here since I couldn't find an answer to this particular quandary anywhere. I'm thankful in advance for any helpful answers.
Yes, you could do that, no it wouldn't be worth it if you want to join something else. This covenant is really just for the two pyro rewards, the shortcut and roleplay.
I suggest waiting until further in the game (when you have some item discovery boosting items) before farming a lot of things.
@ Annonymous from 11 Apr 2018

I figured as much. Thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, the serpent rings do help a bit. And it's my own fault really. I'm just the kind of guy who likes to scrub every little piece out of an area as possible, before moving on. Hence my playstyle is pretty slow and arduous. Though being overly prepared has often prooven to be quite beneficial.
If you have a symbol of avarice, trying using that with eye of evil, silver serpent ring and a horizontal weapon that can 1 shot to farm the baby skeletons in front of Gravelord Nito's room. They endlessly spawn and it takes about an hour to get 99 hard humanities and a decent amount of souls.
Quelaan is not her name.
She has no official name.
Don't put fan theory on wikis.
it actuly is her name read dumbass
But her name is not right though. She technically doesn't have one, not even in the game code is she named. I'd like to know where this name Quelaan came from. She is known only as 'Our Fair Lady'. Poor thing...

P.S. Being rude is for losers.
And her model in the gamefiles is named Quelaan_of_Izalith
“Please don’t put fan theories on the wiki.” Welp, now we gotta throw the whole wiki out
I’m positive I’ve poured 30 humanity into her and I still have received nothing
I saved up 50 humanity . 10 to pop and use the sword to increase damage output , and I dumped the 40 extra into the covenant . Never got the rewards either
I don't know if anybody notices or knows it here, but the shortcut is before the boss fog of the Demon Fire Sage, and after the golden fog gate after you put the Lord Vassel in its proper place. It is not next to the Daughter of Chaos bonfire, nor will it be there.
@anon below me, he said “I received nothing,” not “I only got Chaos Storm”
If I switch covenants, do I lose the humanities I've offered before?
whenever you leave a covenant, even if it's with oswald, you lose half of what you've offered. covenant levels carry over into ng+ though
Im rank two officially in remastered and the shortcut has not opened.
I'm having the same issue
I got the chaosstorm but shortcut Stay closed
Same here but haven't placed the lord vessel yet, maybe thats why.
Same here
Same here, no shortcut :(
You have to open it yourself
Try killing a boss to see if that fixes the bug.
According to the Steam community you have to open it from the other side.
Not sure if everyone realises the shortcut isnt right next to Quelaan but is in the Demon Ruins... If this isnt it i dont know, but it worked fine by me...
the shortcut is next to the demon firesage boss room, which you have to place the lordvessel to access. try that, and if it still doesn't work idk what the problem is
So if your covenant rank carries over between playthroughs, does that mean you can get to rank 2 in NG and still have access to the shortcut in NG+ if you don't ever leave the Chaos Servants?
What's the point of dropping humanities into her beyond 30? I know it doesn't give any benefits, but does she at least get better the more humanity you offer, or will her dialogue change at all (granted you have the ring)? What about rank 3 with 80 humanity?
So the remastered version is either broken or has drastically increased the amount of humanity you need to give her, i was rank two yesterday and have out almost 20 more humanity into her and havent moved up a rank
you need to offer 50 more hummanity to get from rank 2 to rank 3