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It is bad why this soul doesn't give maybe Ruin Hammer and Ruin Shield as well rather than only HHSA available as trade.
It is a bit of a let down
do you get one for each sentinel or one in all?
Only one for beating all three.



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I do believe the hammer would be Arch drake mace and Llewellyn shield if you wan to try csoplaying. Then obviously ruin set.
The Mirrah shield would probably be a closer match.
C'mon, I don't want some gay fairy magic, gimme my ruin sentinel hammer.
I could have sworn you could get the shield, but when I went to Straid and Ornifex neither of them had it. Now I'm surprised you can't get the pole hammer either. I was so convinced it was a boss weapon I didn't even bother looking for it. It's too bad, I would have liked to have that shield.