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This is the only game in which it has default fire damage. Whether or not that is better is up to the enemies resists.
Still love the move set!
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The other Black Knight weapons have fire damage as well.
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By SeductressHex
Can you get more of these if you keep using bonfire aesthetics?
By Anonymous
depends if the chest is iron or wooden, wooden chests do respawn, iron chests dont respawn items.
By Anonymous
Its an iron chest, the only way you're getting another one is by going on a further NG cycle
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By SilverKnightDragon
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Farm the Kobolds, but they drop many Black knight weapons and they rare quite rare
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The Description says Black knight ultra Great sword +10, Everyone knows black knight weapons only go to +5. Please check these thing Fextralife, your a great wiki. Keep it that way.
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By Bearforceone
It's a simple typo dude, they will get to it.
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By Anonymous
my favourite ultra in this game the moveset is great infuse with fire have high fire bonus cast flame weapon rob +2 and fire clutch ring gg
By Anonymous
good luck fighting smelter demon with that
By Anonymous
Imagine not fighting Smelter Demon with a fire infused/buffed weapon lmao
By Anonymous
Lmao i just got this from brightstone cove and finished smelter demon like 5 areas ago. Gonna try upgrading this bad boi
By Anonymous
i killed smelter deon with that fire longsword you find in early game, luticatiel almost died but i killed that thing, time to upgrade some new weapons
By Anonymous
Why are there no Black Knights in DS2 but there are in DS3? If Dranglaic is built upon the same land as Lordran and Lothric, then wtf happened to them in between DS1 and DS2 for them to disappear but leave their weapons around, yet reappear in DS3?
By Anonymous
It is because DS3 was made for DS1 fanbois and crybabies
By Anonymous
Lol wrong. Ds3 was made for the people who have a good taste in gaming and know the diffrence between*****ty and a good game.not you stupid ds2 fans.
By Anonymous
Dark Souls 2 takes place in what Vinheim, now called Dranglaic.
By Anonymous
Its different momentum of "fire age", DS1 is "fire fades", DS2 is "we dont want fire to fade" and DS3 is "fire fade, but we can bring memory of it, or differend ages or if".... Whats the difference? Simple: "Fire fades", so automated mechanism - "dark sign" appears (debt for short). Someone hawe to kill everything, absorbing its souls/s and burn himself to keep fire lit.... but not stopping its aging (there is always less souls with every hollowing, just like modern world: we rent before we produce). "We dont want fire to fade", in age where hollowing starts. But kingdom is half hollowed to fix the issue like before (prison), so we hunt souls to gather the chit and burn someone in "giants" kiln, as they know what they are doing.... "Fire fade, but we can bring memory of it, or differend ages or if", so as „mechanism“ of „ethernal“ memory: ashen one appears, to withness ages before loss and keep them lit.... age of fire, dark age... stealing those memories, or even black out as there isnt anything from memory of old times. There is lt of discussion over DS3 storyline, as DS 2 is *out of place* and made by *different team*.... but it was killed by lack of balance and players with their behavior.
By Anonymous
"Lothric - where the transitory lands of the Lords of Cinder converge" There are black knights in Lordran and since all the realms of the Lords of Cinders are converging geologically at Lothric - including Lordran (Anor Londo), Black Knights can be found in Lothric. That's why there are none in Drangleic but in Lothric there are. As for why their weapons are lying around? No clue...
By Anonymous
because ds3 was a bad and unoriginal game and just wanted to reuse everything from ds1
By Anonymous
^ The correct answer. A company is a company, no matter how good the game is
By Anonymous
LMAO ds2 fanboys forget that there are bosses called old dragon slayer and bell gargoyles and def aren't copy and paste fights shut up
By Anonymous
To the latest imbecile, Old Dragonslayer and Belfry Gargoyles actually had something new to them. DS3 copypastas are simply copypastas with nothing new added. Try harder, you meathead DS1 fanboy
By Anonymous
This is my theory: Drangleic is a bit away from Lordran but the Black Knights are exclusive to Lordran. The throne of want(kiln of first flame) is on the edge of both areas.
This could also explain the appearance of Firelink Shrine in DS3 but not in 2

btw all 3 games are games of gold they're all awesome in their own way
By Anonymous
Jesus christ, this reply section. The DS2 fans are being ****ing *******s and dipshits while the DS3 fans are trying to retaliate with the same. Both games are good, every DS game has bad features, bosses, etc. How is **** on a game in the same series supposed to make yours any better?
By Anonymous
to that douche who said that ds2 sucks he can shut up since he cant get gud with ds2
By Anonymous
I just like dark souls 3 cause it doesnt have a stupid stat tied to i frames...
By Anonymous
Original question: Why isn't there any BKs in DS2¿
DS Community: Aruing over DS2 and DS3. Neither is better, only your preference guys.
By Anonymous
Well dark souls is a convoluted land where times converge. I think time period wise, dark souls>dark souls 3>dark souls 2. Which explains why in 2 many waepons from ds1 are still there. As fo why ds3 has ds2 weapons Armor etc. Well time converges. And I think 3 is where all the time periods converge which explains the availability of those weopons.
By Anonymous
Because the flow of time is convoluted in the ds series. They're probably around for a similar reason the heide knights are around
By Anonymous
It's saying the base fire damage for me is 100, not 80. I'm at 7 intelligence and 5 faith, so it can't really be a scaling thing, and it hasn't been upgraded at all.
By Anonymous
well thats because it starts at 70+ fire damage plus your fire bonus
By Anonymous
Base damage for me, on the BKUGS in the inventory menu, is 180 physical 100 fire, before scaling bonuses.
By Anonymous
It's like the smelter sword, but good
By Anonymous
The tracking on this thing is HORRIBLE. Not sure how my guy can miss these swings
By Anonymous
Because you aim his strike manually when you use move button.
By Anonymous
UGS don't track off the lock-on, gotta manually strike/look at what you want to hit
By Anonymous
it doesn't have the really cool heavy attack like it did in DS1 rip
By Anonymous
Its new thrusting heavy attack is much faster and exceptionally powerful, far better than the super delayed heavy attack from ds1