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hawkwood is summonable both in the consumed king's garden and in the archdragon peak
Hodrick is summonable as a mad spirit to fight near the crucifixion woods bonfire
in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley I can see, besides Gotthard, Anri and Londor.
Hey, you forgot Siegward of Catarina, he helps defeat Yhorm in the Profaned Capital if you've progressed into his questline far enough.
He's not directly summonable, he just appears in the boss room.
This list is a little disappointing compared to that of ds2. Of course, nobody summons npcs that much anyway.
hawkwook traashh
why cant i summon anyone FFF
Use an ember first, mate
I cant find sword masters summon
Have you murdered him in firelink shrine first?
there is an npc in farron keep and in the cathedral of deeps called ghost too