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Where do I see in the Combat Deck, which is a Light or Heavy attack?


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You can find the Combat Deck when you enter meditation. To enter Meditation you'll need to find an Altar and use it. From what I found/learned from the game there isn't really any light or heavy attacks. The attacks are categorize by damage and speed. Also sorted by classes. Check out the attacks page here in the wiki in a day or two. I'll try to have that ready and you'll see what I mean.
What does the letters mean? Is it how strong the attack is?
Presumably scaling like Dark Souls
How do I open and edit my combat deck?
you must go to practice mode to change combat deck
Go to practice deck the hit the back/select button on your controller
Letter is what the attack use :
S, A, B, C ,D, E = [ S is the best, E is the worst]
- Weapon
B Strength
E Dexterity
C Mobility
This attack use Strength and mobility nad is not a weapon (B in stregth and C in mobility )
To make more damage with this attack : Up you strenght and be lightweight, damage will increase.
You can Use heavy attack in your combo and light attack in your alternative attack.
Light attack make less damage and are fast.
Heavy attack make more damage and are slow.
It is good to use heavy attack in a combo, not only fast light attack.