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By Vapeila
They are first encountered in the fields of Things Betwixt immediately after starting NG+ / Journey #2.
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By maxx72
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In NG+ you meet new enemies.
By Anonymous
Unless you have the nextgen version Dx11/PS4/XOne, then they replace enemies in the first part of Shaded woods and when you first leave Doors for Brightstone. Don't /think/ the lastgen versions had the placement changes, even when full DLCed, but can't confirm
By Anonymous
Sad that you can't get their swords.
By Anonymous
you can i got one of their sabers
By Anonymous
I feel bad for these enemies in Sotfs, their movement looks so weird, also they have a shield attack that turns you around an performs a backstab, it all looks so weird
By Anonymous
They look even more stupid than Alonne Knights while running.
By Anonymous
I just wish I got to fight the falcon deploying ones more.
By Anonymous
Worst enemy in the game.
By jhc24
So many other enemies are so much more worse imo (for e.g. Fire Salamanders)
By Anonymous
These*****heats somehow move and act like an invader with bad internet, wtf is this enemy
By Anonymous
Unfinished BS. I hate them, they are ridiculously powerful, have Hyperarmor on their 3 hit combo and deal incredible amounts of Dmg. Don't dare telling me git gud scrub, yes I'm Salty. But I have good reasons.
By Anonymous
02 Jul 2020 Sir, they are literal hollows. They're not nearly as difficult as you make them out to be. I'm about to commit falconer genocide just to prove a point (and to get sun medals, but meh).
By Anonymous
Hand it over... That thing... Your Sunlight Medal...
By Anonymous
What’s funny about these guys is that nobody would care about them if they didn’t drop medals
By Anonymous
is someone playing ds2 on ps3 need halp! lets farm these together
By Anonymous
Im playing on the ps3, BronDaGoat06
By Siegward_Of_Catarina
Can we make our arrows heat-seeking like theirs? When they shoot two they literally curve in the air and predict where you will end up with your roll
By Anonymous
I'll never understand why they're fully shielded during some of their attack animations. Maybe it's so hard to tell because their shield is so tiny and would never protect someone in reality
By Anonymous
i mean it's common practice in actual swordfighting to keep your shield up when you attack just so you can block their counters.
of course it's bs that only they can do this (shield poking with a thrusting sword is terrible) but that's is dark souls isn't it