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There is also an easily obtainable Unique bow on the beach of Fort Joy; If you have any points invested in Wits you can discover a digging spot in front of a passage covered in hanging vines (called the Forgotten Grove or something.) When dug up with a shovel or by a lizard character, a sack is brought up which contains gold, a good piece of leather chest armor, and the "Darling Bow."
Ur missing an early 2 handed unique weapon, Magister's Orlivand Mace. He is the boss in Halls of penitence which is a room in Fort Joy. Tough fight if u take it head on (boss + 2 casters + 2 fighters + 1 rogue), best way is to pull them using line of sight to the nearby room because the 2 fighters and rogue have to run all the way around to get there.
Fastest way to access him is to use teleport to go into a balcony that is behind the tent with a diseased NPC and then u can kick the stairs down.
I've seen magister Orlivand. I will take his mace then!
inside of Fort Joy, there is an easy fight with a Magister Carin and Magister Swordsman. Magister Carin drops a unique Shield.
At the place you first find Fane when you first arrive at Fort Joy, walking through the poison and climbing the vines behind him, Continuing down that path, You will come to a group of three turtles. They are not aggressive at first but then change and become aggressive. After the fight The biggest one (I do believe, I'm not completely sure) may drop a unique wand called the "Turtles claw's".
When an assassin (nearby the Crocodile teleporter glove area of Fort Joy) chases your Red Lizard character don't pick a fight at the same area. The assassin is a NPC called Narin who first runs after the Red Lizard starts a dialog and then starts a battle sequence. When you see this NPC chasing keep your Red Lizard running away and your party to the Gheist area and wait for the dialog and battle to commence.

Once killed hell drop a unique bow capable of good damage earlier on at lvl 2-3. You would also need a lore master since the bow will be initially un-identifiable.
Destroyers Gloves I got off a large black ring enemy when fighting them at the tree on Bloodmoon Isle
Kallisteis, obtained from a vendor near the Cathedral in Arx. Immune to Knockdown, Crippled and Slowed!

Nazad Hunola - unique chest armour (found in a chest in basement of Sanguinia Tell's house in Arx).
469 MA / 982 PA lvl 20 required 14 finesse.
+5 finesse +3 int +10% fire/water resist +1 huntsman + 2 scoundrel +0.1 movement +282 HP + reflect 20% melee damage as water damage