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Did the whole trading thing with him to get the most out of the goods, and when I went to kill him, it proved to be a rather robust experience.
I wonder if there are any consequences to killing him, other than being completely drowned in riches?
From what I can tell, persuading him for Sebille's quest takes about 3 persuasion and a high stat in whatever you're using (18? 20? not really sure)
It takes two persuasion (it tells you when you fail) and the Strength option is the preferable one to pass. Often the underlying stat does not matter (Strength, Finesse, Intelligence) and you're supposed to look for "Verbal cues" in what the character says. Zaleskar, apparently, responds well to "intimidation." Something about him being an intellectual, so he's more prone to respond to physical violence? I'm not stating that the developers' logic makes sense on the persuasion checks, but that's how it seems to be.
For those wanting to take on Zaleskar, do not fight him like an undead. Healing spells do heal him.
This must have been patched as healing does hurt him like any undead
Like most other speech checks in the game, it seems that some dialogue options are more likely to succeed no matter your stats. While playing Sebille, he's much more likely to talk if you use the [Strength] option. I could not pass with 22 Finesse on the finesse check, but could with 10 Strength on the strength check.

Hope this helps.
No speech option with Sebille, i will kill him when i have better equipment and level.
I am almost level 6, i think thats a good thing but i missed my chance to go to the rebel camp with the boy, hope i didnt ***** up
oh I killed Zaleskar . without Sebille. 4 on team and on level 4 . might have surprise you . But i did. all i did was knock him down and also slow to let him use much points if his on the move and end his turn early .
i did as well. i teleported him down ranged him down a bit then teleported him back up and finished him off
Killed him prior to leaving to fight Alexander... 2900 Experience
you should be ashamed of yourselves. you know why
2900 Xp