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By Anonymous
Very good. Although some bosses can still grab you or smack you of your feets, Ex: Sir Alonne grab will not do any initial damage but will buff him and do damage when thrown.
By Anonymous
Ive tested multiple times and this hex can be used to protect allies as well such as your summons or the host your trying to help. i have not yet gotten to test it as a bell cov summon but i do know that co-op miracles and buffs work on other bell cov ppl if you are one as well. i would assume this should work too. :3
By DTPandemonium
This is very good news, finally a use for this spell.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Buff should last for 90 seconds.
By Anonymous
Its dark souls not hello kitty invincible island. 90 seconds of no damage will make the entire game trivial
By Anonymous
no it wouldn't. dark souls is obviously the hardest game ever made. invincibility wont change that
By Anonymous
if you spice this down, how does that effect this hex? will it lose the amount of time i frames are active for or something?
By Anonymous
1.5 seconds? I get they want to balance but that’s absurd that’s enough time to cast it and then wear off once you can move again. For that short a duration it should NOT take 3 slots. Hell for 3 slots it should be like 10 seconds if they made it only take slot 1.5 seconds would still hardly be worth it bring that up to 3 seconds and maybe you can swing your weapon once
By Anonymous
It is gimmicky though and I do love fancy gimmicks 3 slots is just to much
By Anonymous
1.5 seconds sounds like way too little time. It would be good if it was like 5 or 10 seconds, so you could at least run through some of the bullshi- I mean absolutely amazing enemy placement to activate levers and open doors
By Anonymous
If you want something for that, Numbness might be better. Repel is meant to be used to block attacks.
By Anonymous
1.5? issou :')
I'd like to mention that the Northwarder set does extend the duration on this hex.
By Anonymous
I just tried to test it out. Either the change is so minimal that I don't notice or the spell is unaffected by the Northwarder set.