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Large mushroom people?! Who the hell wrote this? They're called Mushroom Parents.
Leave the mushroom children and parents alone, you savages...
How to grow up as a heckin tank 101
This is the most powerful non boss monster
Hellkite says hi.
A B S O L U T E C A R N A G E .
Never fight them, absolutely not worth it
nah need those gold pine resins
To anyone looking to farm gold pine resin from these guys: I'm pretty sure the ones in Ash Lake/The Great Hollow don't drop it. I've been farming them for a little with 410 item discovery and haven't gotten a single resin yet. Keep in mind that it's an 80% base chance to drop and a 20% base chance for a double drop. This means that if you really want to farm gold pine resin, you'll have to kill the ones in Darkroot, which means it's a fairly long trek to make just to kill 2 of the big bois. Guess it's up to you whether or not it's worth it though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Do note that gold pine resin page talks about total of 6 items in normal gameplay + 5 in DLC (dlc is part of prepare to die edition, for those wondering). So 11 gold pine resin in the whole game. And here you can farm it. If you're careful and memorize their attacks, you can farm more.
Can... ...can you parry them?



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If I remember correctly, nope.
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That's very unlikely. And... giving the massive amount of damage these guys inflict, I wouldn't even try xD
no, no you cannot, I found this out after fighting my way through every enemy the long way around towards sif, I figured "hey these guys are super slow, I bet I could one shot them with this unupgraded dagger!" Thank god half the NPCs and the hydra don't respawn...