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By BrecMadak
Why should i be pairing this with a spider shield, what's the point?
By Anonymous
because it's a medium, high stability, 100% damage reduction shield
By Anonymous
As far as 3.0 weight shields go: Dragon crest is the same weight and 55 stability vs 56, and is very easily obtainable at the beginning of the game if you have the master key, but requires Twinklings to upgrade. Grass crest is a little lower stability, same weight, and easily obtained after beating the taurus demon, and of course has the famous chloranthy effect, yet only 95% DR. Bloodshield is 2 less stability but gives impressive boosts to bleed, curse and poison resistances, yet also is acquired relatively late in the game compared to the broadsword. A regular old caduceus kite shield, for comparison, is easily obtained, has 58 stability, and basically the same DR as spider shield. All said, if you're writing off grass crest for its lower DR/stability, and you don't need lots of protection against fire, magic or status effects, I think the kite shield is probably your best bet... Certainly better than spider shield.
By Anonymous
Also the kite shields can be bought from Andre at the exact same time as the broadsword if you have 2000 souls total. Not sure if there is any difference in stats between tower kite and caduceus kite so just pick whichever you think looks better. Imo, the only reason to go with the spider shield is if you started with it.
By Anonymous
Heater Shield for life
By Anonymous
All I can think of is blight town but if you have some strength point to spare the crystal shield works just fine against poison/toxins
By Anonymous
The legend was born
By Anonymous
Comparing weapon AR yesterday, it looks like Broadsword and Darksword have the exact same damage output at max reinforcement. Darksword is longer and has stronger R2 attacks, but at the cost of higher weight and heavier stamina usage. Broadsword is comparatively much easier to obtain, too. Not sure which is ideal...
By Anonymous
The dark sword also swings slower when one handed, so when paired with a shield the broadsword swings faster and thus will yield more DPS
By Anonymous
Darksword is an excellent weapon and all, but the Broadsword is easily obtainable early on, weighs less, and swings faster while one-handed. Darksword is obtained pretty late after giving 30 humanity to Kaathe, so it's probably better for NG+ and such
By Anonymous
Fun Fact: This sword appears quite similar to an Oakeshott type XVI arming sword.
By Anonymous
Yes, it somewhat does.
By Anonymous
ya longsword users can keep your length and pokes... all I need is my broadswords girth and swipes! ;)
By Anonymous
Get this on swap, get halberd , get 40/40 str dex and dab on anyone who uses anything but their trusty steel
By Anonymous
Perfect to use as a gladius for my legionnaire cosplay.
By Anonymous
Good to know. I was looking for a sword like this for my gladiator cosplay.
By Anonymous
Short sword looks more like gladius
By Anonymous
Seems like the broadsword is great in the original dark souls, but its one of the best weapons in DS2(which I think is a good game overall, but a bad game by FromSoft standards)
By Anonymous
A fantastic weapon in Dark Souls 1

A absolutely phenomenal weapon in Dark Souls 2

And still a brilliant weapon in Dark Souls 3.

I think From has another favourite weapon other than the Moonlight Greatsword.
By Anonymous
I was going to do a sl1 run of dark souls and i was thinking i should use this.
By Anonymous
you cant use it you got too low dex