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I once got a bolt stone from a alonne knight captain?
woah thanks I can use that :)



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The drop rate from basilisks in shaded woods is indeed very rare. They drop loads of other infusion stones though.
Got 2 Boltstones from the Basilisks in Things Betwixt (the ones you get to after getting rid of stone statue) in less than 5 minutes. Used Traveling Merchant Hat, Watchdragon Parma and Rusted Coin for more item find. All of these can be acquired really early. Maybe I got super lucky, but they definitely drop there. I was wondering because this page does not advice to farm the Boltstone in Betwixt.
i always farm in things betwixt because as you said it has really high drop chances. However since you can't control what drops you can get some **** rng. It took me an hour and a half to get a bolt stone. got 9 raw stones though.