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By Anonymous
im bender
By Anonymous
Rare drop from ducal spiders? Really?
By Anonymous
yea, they drop all kinds of cool***** actually...
By Anonymous
They drop zweihanders too- random treasure troves
By Anonymous
They drop all kinds of stuff. The idea is that they've caught and devoured so many people in their webs that they have all kinds of treasure.
By Anonymous
I burned through 2 bonfire ascetics
I got pages upon pages of parrying daggers, great scythes, bandit axes, etc etc
and not a single drop of this soccery
I am starting to feel like I have been jebaited
By Anonymous
Why burn ascetics? Just join Company of champions and enjoy unlimited enemy respawns.
By Anonymous
The formula might be wrong and the following correct? Crystal Magic Weapon: (TotalAR x 0.3) + 5 = MagicBuff Src: reddit/darksouls2/ "The mystery of buffs; a post of calculations and odd findings"
By Anonymous
Crystal Magic Weapon seems to do slightly more damage than Great Magic Weapon. (Done with dual Blue Flame at 61 INT)
By Anonymous
Mmm deliciously deadly rock candy
By Anonymous
Since this adds 50 Magic damage, same as Magic Weapon and Great Magic Weapon, does it matter which you use with a physical weapon?
By Anonymous
Yes, the higher greater the weapons AR, the better the buff.
this is the only souls game that does buffs this way
By Anonymous
So all the staves add same amount of buff/damage?
By Anonymous
If the page is correct, yes