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The article lies, aromatic ooze does the exact same damage as charcoal, lightning, and dark pine resin. Tested on the giant lord - PS4, SOTFS, latest patch. I used a giant warrior club +10 at 99 str, 5 fth, and 5 int. Damage was consistently 1014 on a 2hR1 with each pine resin.
Each resin add 50 damage of the appropriate kind (magic for the aromatic ooze, fire for the charcoal pine resin etc), plus they each boost by a given percentage the relative elemental damage. On a weapon without any inherent elemental damage (e.g. a giant warrior club) this percentage boost is lost, so all the resins give the same damage bonus. But if you have a weapon that already deals a given type of elemental damage (e.g. blue flame) the +50% magic damage can produce a significant damage boost. More to the point, +50% magic damage of the aromatic ooze is "better" than the +30% fire damage of the charcoal pine resin (to be fair what is "better" depends on your build and the type of enemy you are fighting, but if we look at row numbers 50>30).
The article doesn’t lie, you just don’t understand the mechanic genius....
The article doesn’t lie, you just don’t understand the mechanic genius...
I recommend the aromatic ooze
this for the Burnt Ivory King Fight
Thanks i'm doing the dragon acloyte cosplay rn!
shiiiiit. I killed Laddersmith Gilligan cause he was annoying...
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