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I came here when looking up the definition of “chad”
By Anonymous
He got the queen good ngl
By Anonymous
I do think it's either Alfred or Logarius but I don't think Alfred's quest line is a requirement. This summon is available to me and I never even talked to him with this character.
By Anonymous
Ardeo. Not Aerdo.
By Anonymous
This is an Actual NPC Wth?
By Anonymous
Seeing as how the Messengers are a reference to the Stand Metallica in Jojo, I refuse to believe this character's not a Jojo reference.
By Anonymous
Thought the Messengers were more like the messengers from Berserk (Sparks from a Sword Tip).
By Anonymous
I’m a somewhat big jojo fan and I can assure you that the messengers are not a jojo reference, they don’t bare much resemblance to the stand Metallica
By Anonymous
A big wheel?
A big cannon?
A cone shaped helmet?

He IS a living Ludwig's Rifle.
By Anonymous
Gunpowder, pyramid

Dynamite with a giant wheel

Guaranteed to blow your mind
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By Anonymous
as i was reading this i had music in the background and it just happened to be killer queen
By Anonymous
Think this is probably alfred if you get him after completing the questline, he is an executioner and his called queen killer. (Spoilers>) even though alfred is dead after his questline, we know that dead hunters can be summoned e.g. henryk.