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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This scaling system blowz....
This can’t be the formula because that doesn’t work for agility
I cant have the same result with Rhogar Polesword + Flawless Luck Rune.
With 40 STR I have 350 damage with it. Some better math guru should calculate it for me because with this formula I get more damage.
base dmg - 221
scale - 10% +4% rune
reqmin - 31 STR

221*14/100=30,94 this can have 5x so 5x30,94=154,7 plus 1,345
so +156 should be at STR36
where 221+156=377(?) what is already more I have at STR40 (350 DMG)

Its me again,
ingame it show as (+282) 350 damage, so the Rhogard base damage is 68 maybe? I doubt.
Still I used the above math started with 68, but then I ended with +64 at STR40. sigh