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This description is misleading. Makes it sound like heals you for a certain amount of hp over time. A lot of item descriptions in dark souls 2 seem to be lost in translation.
Just like their storyline, so sad.
Duration scales with faith.
At 10int (Spriced) and 50fth, it lasts 180 seconds
It's pretty much useless if you're going for an offensive, and playing a defensive cleric or sorcerer isn't very practical. Get the dark orb or the resonant soul combined with the drangleic shield. Much easier if you're a low level but it's not something you should use for pvp.
Probably for a higher level/ng+ build who uses melee and magic in tandem, considering hexing is generally for high SL builds



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I dont know why this hexe exists...
Dont know what im doing wrong but for me this lasts about 3 minutes and gives me a solid +600 maxhp (50vit + lifering+3 + Third Dragon Ring at 30|30) Verry underated imo