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is there any way to make the game easier im dying all the time at the chrysalis enemies
Only think I could suggest is making sure you are using full sets of armor for the bonus, I used Gorgon personally, and you're proficient at the weapons you use... best to use Impact weapons if you an aggressive fighter or duel wields/staves if you are a defensive fighter. Regardless, upgrading and farming will help you alot.
yeah, bruh. Just git gud.


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Are you referring to the Chrysalis troopers or the Nanite Masses? Chrysalis Troopers are easy - just keep them at range until they do their spin attack, and then dodge the spin and attack anything except for their body. It helps to be using a medium or fast-speed Mk V weapon like the Parsifal, Spitfire Rod, or Firebug Throttle. For the Nanite Masses, they're a still problem for me even now in NG+++, all I can recommend is to bait them into using their electrical "gun" attack and then slide-attack for a few hits while they're transformed into the gun and then get back out. Once you've hit them enough they split and you need to kill the smaller of the two split pieces so that it doesn't explode and stun you, then you can re-engage the piece that's left and beat on it until it can be overcharged.
all you gotta do is learn the attack patterns