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What a redundant weapon. The normal PAX Imperator is exactly the same but does more damage. More importantly, you get the Imperator practically at the beginning of the game.
You are technically correct. However the total dmg of the weapon is not the absolute and only deciding factor in determining dmg effectiveness (aside from attack speed and energy gain obviously). Depending on what kind of attack you do, you do mostly pierce, crush or cutting dmg (not sure about the ele part). Since single rigged is rather slow except for a few exceptions such as the charge moves, a high piercing dmg in the profile seems preferable over a few points in total dmg. That being said: Pax Imperator 2.0 is so easy and early to get and has a very "balanced" profile (which may be good or bad depending how you look at it) that it seems like a far better choice for people going through this game for the first time.
It has a different moveset, and has MORE dmg on some kombos. For example after block counter hits harder. But sadly still got outclassed by pax 2.0.